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What is my PluginLab?

MyPluginLab is an an ambitious online service for creating WordPress on the fly with little knowledge of coding.  It takes the time out of building plugins especially the framework.

Who is MyPluginLab for?

The Lab is for both seasoned and new WordPress developers, Front End Developers, Freelancers and regular webmasters.

Is it Free?

MyPluginLab is intended to be  a paid service that persons can use to complete projects faster than normal. However, access to the basic features are available for FREE.

How can I use this service?

The Lab is accessible online and only requires an account and access to the internet to  use it today.

Can I see a video of the lab?

You can take a look at the plugin lab in action by watching the video below.

Why is site in BETA?

The lab is in BETA version as all the parts and features are currently not integrated as yet. Users are encouraged to sign up and post their reviews and suggestions so developers can make  this service better for everyone.

Can I use plugins commercially?

Yes. Plugins generated on MyPluginLab are delivered under the GPL license. As such all code, scripts and assets are also packaged under the GPL license. If you intend to license plugins outside of the GPL license, you assume the responsibility of removing any files that do not fit into this license.

What is a GPL license?
What can I create with MyPluginLab?

The lab is currently able to create the following in its BETA version

  • Custom Post Types
  • Widgets
  • Shortcodes
  • Some Filters and Actions

When the Lab is live these are the additional proposed features

  • Custom Database Table
  • Custom Admin Column
  • WP Hooks Finder
  • Admin Option Page
  • BuddyPress Components
  • Visual Composer Addons

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